Filling Machines

Our filling machines, which precisely fill products to a high level of accuracy, can speedily handle various powders and satisfy volume requirements. Degassed filling is also possible, which reduces the amount of residue powder falling after the auger has stopped. This is possible based on applying technology that prevents powder, which remains at the tip, from falling. Our filling machines can be used in full production-line systems that incorporate a variety of auxiliary equipment such container-feeders, cappers, checkers, labelers and others.

Degassed Filling Function

The degassing auger filling machine reduces the volume of dust that flies in the air by using a degassing filter that removes (degasses) the air trapped in the powder that is being conveyed in the auger screw. As a result, this filling machine increases the bulk density of powders.
When powder products are filled, this degassing function can prevent sudden, unanticipated powder from falling from the tip of the auger. In other words, when the auger is combined with the vertical-pillow filler, it keeps powder from sticking to the sealed area, preventing contamination in the sealing.
The degassing function can be used on the PFN Series of Auger Filling Machines.

Diagram of Degassing Auger

Auger powder filling machinePFN



The PFN auger powder-filling machine can be mounted directly to the vertical pillow-packaging machine.
No tools are needed to attach or remove the hopper lid.


Filling range5g - 20kg
Filling speed120p ⁄ m (Max.)

Auger filling machineFRJB



Based on TAM's long history of powder-filling technology, the new auger filling machine FRJB,
when combined with our TWJB model VFFS machine, offers you the best cost-performance ratio made in Japan.


Filling range5g - 2000g
Filling speedMax. 70 fillings ⁄ min

Semi Automatic Filling MachineFRT



The FRT is designed explicitly to be used with a short auger for the specific purpose of filling toner.


Filling range200 - 1500g
Filling speedMax. 8 dosings ⁄ min

Straight Conveyor type Auger Filling SystemPF3



The PF3 is an automatic filling machine that has a Straight conveyor.
Filling containers automatically, the PF3 excels in achieving the ultimate level of filling. In addition, it is capable of handling various types of containers too.


Filling range5 - 4500g
Filling speedMax. 30 dosings ⁄ min

Rotary-type Container Filling SystemPF6



The PF6, a high-speed, container-filling system, has a rotary conveyor, enabling it to fill a maximum of 200 containers per minute.


Filling range5 - 4500g
Filling speedMax. 200 dosings ⁄ min