Final Inspection

Hard on inspections but easy on the products.
When it comes to quality, we are committed to working under our Quality Policy, which is: “Do our best to provide more superior products than our competitors do in order to get the job from the customer.” To provide customers with our machines that stay ahead of their expectations, we live by the following words when doing meticulous final inspections: We will be sure to conduct a complete inspection before the customer-attended inspection. We simply will not allow any machine to be shipped if it does not pass inspection.
What do we mean by “final inspection”?
A final inspection is the very last inspection that we conduct on finished machines. Its purpose is to ensure that every requirement specified by our customers has been met. We check the integrity of each machine based on the statement of standards that includes a checklist, criteria, and data about various setting values, electrical checks, and others. These processes eliminate all problem areas long before we conduct the customer-attended inspection at our factory, and enable the machines to be installed smoothly at the customer’s site.
We are able to raise the level of perfection of our machines by conducting the following strict inspection processes.
Questioning (1) Questioning The persons in charge of assembling and adjusting the machines purposely look for problems and trouble spots, reporting them to the inspectors as a preliminary procedure.
Checking Machine Operation (2) Checking Machine Operation Electrical checks… Our people inspect insulating and voltage, for example, checking for any irregularities to ensure that the machines are absolutely safe to operate.
Mechanical checks… Our people inspect to see that there is no interference or friction being generated by the parts and that there are no scratches on the machinery. Plus our people do product runs to make sure that the machines operate accurately, exactly as designed.
Checking Function (3) Checking Function Our people check to see that the required specifications provided by the customers are fully met. They measure the machines’ performance to make sure that the finished packaging exceeds the prescribed standards and that the machine gently handles the product items with extreme care.
Checking Machine Exterior (4) Checking Machine Exterior Working from the customers’ positions, our people look over the machine, making sure that it looks superb and is rock solid in terms of safety.
Conducting Customer-attended Inspection (5) Conducting Customer-attended Inspection Our people conduct customer-attended inspections on site together with the customers to let them see for themselves that the machines run exactly as designed and that they are completely safe to operate as well.
Expertise Based on Years of Experience (Analysis)
“We learn from our mistakes!” This is something we never forget in our relentless pursuit of quality. If something “just doesn’t seem right”, we never let up until we are completely satisfied until it “does seem right”.
We do the utmost to conduct all sorts of activities to ensure we meet our customers’ expectations. This includes compiling and analyzing both our successes and our failures, as well as studying customer feedback as well. This enables us to make the proper inspections needed so we can give valuable feedback to our design and production people. It also provides our people an excellent opportunity to all share in a common ideal, which is customer satisfaction.
Our Testing & Inspection Structure
Final inspections are structured under the following three work concepts to further enhance the level of customer satisfaction.
Inspector: Our people who conduct inspections are not involved with the machine adjustment work. The testing and inspecting is done from a point of view that is closer to that of the actual customers.
Training: All of our inspectors have undergone training and instruction to obtain our own internal qualifications and certifications, enabling them to share the same mindset when it comes to inspection standards and doing the final inspections.
Inspection: The Machine Assembly & Adjustments Section checks the integrity of machines twice to get the machines ready to pass the final inspection without any glitches in the course of carrying out the initial adjustment work on the machines, and after completing the adjustments too. For the added safety and peace of mind of our customers, we always inspect the machines twice.
The TAM Commitment