Our Solid Support

We are proud to have a solid support structure in place that gives our customers peace of mind and ensures them many long years of use of our machinery. We provide seamless support that covers all functions, from Development, Design, and Prototyping up to Production and Assembly. So, whenever customers do experience the rare trouble spots, our solid support structure ensures that we are at the ready to solve the problems.

Please feel free to contact us about maintenance work
The following are some example cases of our activities in Japan.

< Maintenance >
Flow of Maintenance Pre-sales:
We solve the problem.
We are professionals with a wealth of expertise to support activities involved with commercialization, automation, and labor cost reduction connected with product creation.
We encourage anyone who is thinking about introducing equipment and machinery, or who may already have installed our machines, to please contact us for solutions to your concerns, letting us know the details about your particular needs.

We keep your machines up and running through a regular maintenance program.
We do the utmost to protect your machines from normal wear and natural deterioration over the years. Admittedly, these aging processes cannot be avoided. That’s where we can demonstrate the level of dedicated support that only TAM can offer. We encourage all our customers to consider including a Maintenance Contract with every purchase, in order to ensure that they get many long years of service out of our machines.

A Regular Maintenance Program will...

ensure that machines continue to package product items with smart looking and greatly appealing appearance.
prevent any sudden and unexpected mechanical breakdowns, especially during busy peak seasons.
ensure a longer machine life.
include the service of a maintenance professional who can offer detailed inspections and expert advice.
eliminate any unsafe situations from occurring in the course of operating the machines; and
provide customers continual operations.

< Support/Services >
Flow of Services With a Maintenance Contract, our expert staff regularly carry out tests by following a check sheet containing hundreds of items to look for such as motor, infeed, packaging. If necessary, our maintenance people provide suitable solutions such as replacing parts, making all appropriate adjustments, oiling the machinery and so on, in addition to doing other routine maintenance activities.

<  Supply of Parts  >
Flow of Parts Supply We never delay in sending parts to customers.
We immediately ship parts to customers in response to unexpected breakdowns or when worn-out parts are found. If we don’t have a particular part in stock, we have the means to recreate it in-house. (When new-builds or remakes of parts are involved, it will take us a little longer than usual, so we ask for your kind patience and understanding.)


The TAM Commitment