Factory Improvement Activity

Our Factory Improvement Activity
Safety and peace of mind---the main objectives of our customer commitment:
Our mission as employees is to provide customers safety, peace of mind, and satisfaction. We stress the following points each and every day in our search for greater efficiencies and improvements in our work.
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To TAM, what customers think of as a safe factory offering peace of mind is not one having the latest equipment, systems, and newest factory buildings but one that is meticulously well-maintained and has a solid support team that can be relied upon under any circumstances.
We believe that the "feeling of satisfaction" comes to customers the moment they sense that each and every employee is trying his or her hardest to succeed and is very determined and committed by doing all they can in the process. It makes us tremendously happy to know that customers, after they have visited us at our factory, return home feeling different, moved by something they had never experienced before. We welcome you to come and visit our factory and experience for yourself the TAM Commitment.
The TAM Commitment