Special-item Wrapping Machines

Machine for wrapping seaweed onto rice balls.YX02



The YX02 is a fully automated machine specially designed to wrap sheets of seaweed onto rice balls sold at convenience stores. It can automatically wrap a single sheet of seaweed or up to a bundle of 100 accumulated sheets/strips all at one time.

Wrapping Specifications

Packing Object Size RangeThe YX02 can handle the size specifications for rice balls set by all convenience stores.
Wraps single sheets of seaweed for rice balls ⁄ accumulates and wraps 100 sheets.
Packing SpeedWrapping capacity: 280 sheets ⁄ min. (fed in a double line)

Pre-paid Card Overwrapping MachineWPC100



The WPC100 automatically accumulates and overwraps film over a specified number of pre-paid cards.
In addition, it is possible to include a card-numbering management function.

Wrapping Specifications

Packing Object Size RangeLength85.5 - 86.5mm
Width54 - 57.4mm
Height3.8 - 25.8mm
Packing SpeedCard-feeding capacity: Maximum of 100 cards ⁄ min.