Production Machines

TAM, taking advantage of its wealth of experience in building wrapping machinery, is able to design, develop and deliver production solutions that respond to your needs, such as highly efficient production line systems and all types of energy-efficient machinery and equipment. Even though TAM has a long history rooted in “packaging and packing”, our expertise is not limited to this area of manufacturing. We are able to customize machinery and equipment that automatically assembles parts, performs product inspections, and conducts experiments, so please feel free to discuss any of your needs with us. Depending on the size of the solutions you need, we can conduct CAD simulations in order to design and create each part as we go, verifying the results at each step.

We can respond to every need when it comes to production machines, from their concept and design up to their manufacture and even their after-service as well.

Initial Interview to Discuss Requirements

The first stage is the initial interview and consultation to meet and discuss your requirements.

Ideas and Planning

Then we consider some ideas and begin planning the optimum manufacturing equipment to meet your needs. We explain the whole process to ensure that your needs are fully met at every step before the completed production machines and systems are delivered.

Proposals, Specifications and Discussions

We also discuss your specifications and factory layout. It might take two or three times for us to get everything exact, but we work together with you at every step discussing issues and solutions to ensure that you are delivered the best machinery possible to suit your needs.

Examples of Our Past Achievements

  • Production line that first receives residential equipment materials, forms them into a single line and packs a pre-selected number of them into cartons.
  • Overwrapping machine that stacks a pre-selected number of plastic cards with film.
  • Creation of parts designed for university research equipment and prototypes.
  • Various inspection devices
  • Machine that aligns and then assembles various types of metal parts.
  • Machine that transports bottles filled with liquid while inspecting them for foreign matter.
  • Machine that glues heavy-duty paper onto the inner side of wrapping film, and then forms it into containers.
  • And many other specialized machines and systems delivered to many customers.

For examples and details of our wrapping and powder filling-machines, please refer to "Production-Line Systems"

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