Band Over Film Overwrapping Machines

Our band-over film overwrapping machines meet the needs of ever-diversifying logistics and sales styles, overwrapping bands on a variety of individual boxed items one-by-one or on a group of accumulated boxes.

Band-Wrapping MachineWB25 and WB50



The WB25 and WB50 have both been improved over previous models. For example, they use less film and energy when wrapping items such as caramels, and even when doing full-wraps too. As a result, you will use less film and that will reduce costs. In addition, they can wrap a variety of strips and bands, except for tie-strips.

Wrapping Specifications

Wrapping Object Size RangeLength60 - 250mmLength50 - 200mm
Width100 - 320mmWidth100 - 320mm
Height35 - 150mmHeight35 - 150mm
Wrapping Speed 10 - 25ppm
10 - 50ppm