Vibrating Conveyor "ULELL VC"

The ULELL VC is a conveyor that can feed product items to be accumulated, wrapped, packaged, and packed. It comes with options such as robots and foreign-object detection devices. In order to handle various types of special product-features, it can be customized to include various functions, from vibrating, up to feeding, conveying, aligning, accumulating, and expanding.

Vibrating Conveyor (Various conveyor)ULELL VC


  • Foreign-object removal

    Foreign-object removal

  • Conveying on inclines and S-shaped conveyors lines

    Conveying on inclines and
    S-shaped conveyors lines

  • Funnel-trap design

    Funnel-trap design

  • Funnel-trap design

Examples of conveyable items

  • Food items such as cut vegetables, bean sprouts, medicinal plants, flour, coffee beans, raisins, macaroni, nuts, and cheese.
  • Earth and sand
  • Scrap paper
  • Plastic pieces
  • Tobacco leaves

Manufacturer : Tokyo Shisetsu-Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

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