Cardboard Caser

Our cardboard caser packs already filled bags, pouches, and boxes into cardboard boxes. We can design the ideal cardboard caser to suit your every need, such as the number and shape needed of accumulated items. In addition, we can design casers to suit any special product features.
It’s possible for us to provide a cardboard-box caser that uses parallel-link robots. We can configure entire systems to include box-making machines and sealing machines.

Cardboard CaserVR3000



The VR3000 fills a pre-set number of filled bags into cases, picking and placing them together.
It’s possible to use compact cases to suit your needs because the VR300 neatly presses the filled bags one against another when filling the cases.
When the VR3000 is coupled with a case-making machine, you can enjoy the convenience of a complete but compact packaging system.

Wrapping Specifications

Case dimensionsLength200 - 300mm
Width150 - 250mm
Height80 - 200mm
Filled bag dimensionsLength150 - 250mm
Width100 - 170mm
Height10 - 30mm
Packing SpeedMax. 120bpm
Casing specifications(for flat items) double row, stacked 3-5 items high

Cardboard Caser (Semi Auto Type)CU800



The CU800 is a semi-automatic caser capable of handling A-type cardboard boxes. Product items can be cased quickly by simply being put into opened cardboard boxes.

Wrapping Specifications

Case dimensionsLength200 - 550mm
Width150 - 400mm
Height80 - 400mm
Packing SpeedMax. 2 - 5bpm