Special-item Wrapping Machine

One of the roles of the convenient machines we manufacture for this market segment is to offer solutions that make people's lifestyles even more fulfilling and convenient through efficient and functional packaging. We make this possible by responding as best we can to people's changing lifestyles and but also by keeping up with the incredible speed at which changes in these lifestyles take place.

These machines built for niche markets are the definitive essence of our manufacturing prowess, demonstrating our capabilities from the development phase all the way up to production. They can be custom made to satisfy your particular needs.

Product Lineup
Chewing Gum Wrapping Machine
The high-speed G2 is capable of individually wrapping chewing gum sticks. It accumulates and then wraps them together in one pack. G2 can wrap up to 900 sticks of gum per minute maximum.
■Package Handling Range
Length  71~73mm
Width  19mm
Height  1.7~1.9mm
■Wrapping Speed
900 sticks/min.
■Machine Weight
Approximately 1950kg
■Power Consumption
3 Phase 200V 3.25kW
■Machine Dimensions
Length  3277mm
Width  1372mm
Height  1882mm
Automatic film connector
Gum Breaker(GB2)
Product Information