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Confectionary & Gift Wrapping Machines
Film Overwrapping Machines boasting the largest capacity in Japan for overwrapping local delicacies and gift items.

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Overwraps snack items and food such as rice crackers, tea, dried noodles and pasta; in addition to catalog-order gifts and presents
Film Overwrapping Machines
With these series of machines using film, you can overwrap a wide range of product items coming in all sizes of boxes. These machines enable you to select the product size, wrapping speed, wrapping material, etc.

Fin-seal Overwrapping Machine Product Details
Accumulating Overwrapping Machine Product Details
DVD/CD Overwrapping Product Details
Overwraps confectionaries such a caramels, candies, and chocolates; cooking pouches containing curries, sauces, and soups; and teas and coffees; medications; CDs; DVDs; and game software too.
Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machines
Backed by TAM's more than 30 years of expertise in vertical form-fill-seal machines, these machines bag product items of all different shapes and sizes, from powders up to granules and larger solid objects.

  Product Details
Bags the following: snack foods, coffee, cocoa powder, powdered milk, chocolate, candies, all types of confectionaries, rice crackers, tea, grains, spices, seasonings, pasta, frozen foods, rice, and health-food goods; in addition to non-food items.
Powder Filling Machines
These machines are fast at filling exact amounts of powdered items with precise accuracy.

  Product Details
Dispenses the following: all general types of powdered items such as coffee, cocoa, spices, flavorings, flour, arrowroot powder, soy bean powder, non-dairy creamer, and so on. It also fills detergents and toners too.
Special Item Wrapping Machines
We are able to support a large number of customers by creating customized wrapping solutions for specific product items based on our high level of fundamental technology, starting from product-development up to production.

  Product Details
Handles chewing gum.
Industrial-waste Packaging Machines
Our 30 years of experience in the wrapping and packaging field enables us to contribute to the recycling of resources by providing compacting and baling systems.

Paper and Industrial-waste Compactors Product Details
Non-ferrous Metal Compacting & Baling Systems Product Details
Metal cutting Machines Product Details
Handles scrap and solid wastes such as paper, aluminum, plastic, etc.
Tobacco Machinery
Our tobacco machinery offer high level of cost effectiveness by achieving globally comparable performance with inexpensive price. These machinery have been developed by our technologies based upon over 30 years of experiences.Our machinery will continue to be good partners for cigarette manufacturers all over the world.
  Product Details
Handles cigarette filter rods and filling small cigarette boxes.
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