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Metal Cutting Machines  
Metal Cutting Machines These cutting machines, manufactured by Enterprise Company based in the U.S.A. are the perfect solutions to process scrap and solid waste such as metals, cables, round metal bars, wheels (including the tires), and other such types of scrap. In particular, these machines are the most ideal ones available for cutting scrap containing rare metals such as tungsten steel, molybdenum steel, and nickel steel; and compounding agents used in cast metal items.

You can install these cutting machines either inside or outside, depending on your needs; yet due to their design, they can be repositioned by moving them with a forklift. In addition, operators need no knowledge or experience in mechanics in order to use them. And since four cutting surfaces can be used, the cost-performance of these machines is outstanding.
* We currently offer these five star systems and alligator shears only to users in Japan.
Machine Models Cutting Capacities(mm) Compacting Force
Cutter Length(mm) Machine Weight (kg) Stroke Count Space Required
Rounds Flats
Model 125 31 12x125 40 254 589 12~60 914x1168
Model 200 50 19x203 133 406 1134 15~50 914x1371
Model 250 63 18x254 187 609 2177 15~40 1216x1676
Model 300 76 25x254 216 304
2721~3356 11~40 1219x1676
Model 350 88 50x279 305 457
5670~6123 10~35 1625x1727
Model 400 101 101x152 379 762
11340 12 2400x3000
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