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Although TAM has taken diligent care and precautions to provide the Contents on the Website, TAM makes no claim whatsoever as to the integrity, accuracy, usefulness, or security of the Contents. TAM under TAM's sole discretion has the right to change the Website Contents at any time without advance notice.

TAM shall not be held liable whatsoever for any damage or loss attributable to incidents or accidents arising from the Website's hardware and/or software; any damage or loss attributable to disputes arising among Website users and/or any third parties; and for any damage or loss attributable to any other incidents and accidents arising from the Website.

Prohibited Acts

The following acts are prohibited when using the Website.

  • Any acts disrupting or violating, or deemed to be disrupting or violating, public order.
  • Any acts of using and/or distributing harmful material such as but not limited to computer viruses.
  • Any acts that cause, or threaten to cause, harm, loss and/or damage to TAM and/or third parties.
  • Any fraudulent acts such as but not limited to forging or falsely registering other parties' email addresses.
  • Any other acts such as but not limited to any violations, or acts deemed to be violations, of related regulations and ordinances
  • Any other acts that TAM under its sole discretion deems to be inappropriate.

Governing Laws and Legal Jurisdiction

Any and all disputes involving the Website shall be settled under the governing laws of Japan, with the Tokyo District Court having exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to all disputes.

Website Links

Users are free to hyperlink their websites to TAM's Website. However, TAM unconditionally prohibits the following hyperlinks.

  • Hyperlinks to websites that violate public order; or defame and/or harm the reputation, trustworthiness, and integrity of TAM.
  • Hyperlinks to websites that are deemed to include content that violates, or are perceived to violate, any laws and ordinances.
  • Hyperlinks to websites that use frames or other methods making it difficult to distinguish or determine that the hyperlinked contents are actually TAM's Contents.
  • Hyperlinks that TAM under its sole discretion deems to be inappropriate.


The personal information that TAM obtains from users of the Website shall be handled in accordance with the Privacy Protection Policy provided separately. For further details, please refer to the Privacy Protection Policy.

Access Log

Access logs are used by TAM as statistical information and shall neither be disclosed nor released to any third parties whatsoever.