Privacy Policy


  1. Handling of Personal Information and Purpose of Gathering Personal Information

    TAM obtains personal information about customers limited to only what is needed to provide products and services, offer after-service care, and develop new products.

  2. Use of Personal Information

    In the course of providing customer service, TAM uses personal information collected to contact and communicate with our customers. In addition, TAM uses personal information in order to make proposals on enhanced product developments and services to our customers.

  3. Providing of Personal Information to Third Parties

    TAM from time to time may provide third-party companies (with which TAM has already concluded non-disclosure agreements) personal information such as but not limited to names and addresses that TAM obtains from our customers. This personal information will only be provided to third parties after customers have given their prior consent to TAM and only to the extent that this information is deemed necessary to fulfill the specific purpose for which it is being provided to third parties.

  4. Care, Custody and Control of Personal Information

    TAM will ensure that it has the proper framework in place to ensure that the care, custody and control of personal information are always properly and securely maintained.

  5. Disclosing and Modifying of Personal Information

    TAM will respond to requests from customers to disclose and/or modify their personal information only after verifying that the persons making such requests are indeed the actual owners of the personal information to be disclosed and/or modified.

  6. For Matters Involving Personal Information

    Please contact the Security Section at the General Affairs Department