About "tam"

Product Creation Team

TAM has formed a cross-sectional product-creation team consisting of members from its sales, design, and production departments, in order to propose, design, and deliver products that provide a never-before, high level of new value.

Sales, Design, Production

Final Inspection

Hard on inspections but easy on the products.
In following our quality policy, we make sure to always conduct final inspections before we ever do on-site inspections or factory-acceptance testing together with customers. Of course, we will never deliver any machines until they have passed our rigorous and thorough final inspection first.

  • Designing

  • Machining ⁄ Parts procuring

  • Assembling

  • Adjusting

  • Final Inspection

  • Factory acceptance testing

  • Delivering

Quality Policy

TAM contributes to improving our customers' corporate value by continually offering products that ensure safety and peace of mind, as well as provide exceptionally high levels of quality. We are proud to be the corporation of choice by our customers, who consistently place great trust in TAM and our products.

Three Special Features of our Final Inspection

Feature 1
Feature 1 is conducting final inspections in line with our standards guideline that contains a check-sheet of inspection items and standards of judgment. Following these standards, we make sure that our customers' specifications are fully met.

Feature 2
Feature 2 involves our inspection team that consists of members who were not involved with making machine adjustments. This ensures that the inspections are conducted from perspectives that are closer to those of our customers.

Feature 3
Feature 3 is the capability of our inspectors, who all have earned inspection certifications. In order to assure that all our inspectors possess a consistent level of common standards, they attend frequent training and educational courses.

Factory Improvement Activities (The 5 Codes of Conduct)

We strive to make our factories safe workplaces that ensure peace of mind to our employees who work there. As TAM employees, we are obligated to meet our customers' needs also for safety, peace of mind, and satisfaction. We emphasize the following to improve our work, striving to enhance efficiency.

  • We aim to fully implement the 5 codes of conduct, reduce waste, rationalize logistics and delivery, and shorten the machinery-production lead time.
  • We are changing our mind set, from not just working, but to working for our customers.
  • By managing with our own eyes, we all can quickly and easily grasp and determine what is correct and normal from what is irregular and amiss.


maintain a level of cleanliness in our factories, which reaches every nook and cranny. ensure that we offer even greater assurance to our customers

We have recorded 7.10 million hours of Type-3 no casualty and no work-related accidents, being recognized for our initiatives. For example, in 2011, we were presented the Special Encouragement Award by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, in recognition as an excellent workplace and corporation of merit.
For further details, please visit the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare's website.