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Message from the President

TAM, ever since it was established, has been delivering a wide range of products to its customers, especially packaging machines. And to this day we at TAM have made "customer reliability" the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. We receive customer feedback such as: "No mistake about it, TAM's reliability is different from that of its competitors" and "Just leave it up to TAM to get the job done." Nevertheless, for us to be bestowed such positive customer praise we need to excel in technological capabilities too. In addition, what is important is that at TAM each and every one of our employees works together as a team member until the job is done, never giving up. I believe this is the core of our corporate DNA. TAM, based on its wealth of activities conducted up until now, is a corporation rooted in endlessly contributing to its customers' business operations. By providing our proprietary corporate value to our customers we are migrating from being just a "company making packaging machines" to a company "who enhances the value of packaging". In other words, when we work we put ourselves in our customers shoes, imagining things from our customer's standpoints. This enables us to create all-inclusive added-value when it comes to packaging, as we strive to deliver what our customers need.

The current business landscape in the packaging-machine industry is undergoing rapid and radical changes that involves not only the economy in Japan but also around the world. I believe that the fundamental driving force advancing TAM's business development is founded on how we as a corporation can flexibly adapt to such rapid changes in our industry. In this regard, our focus is to be a corporation rooted in mutual trust, engaged in interactive communication with customers, and teeming with vitality and energy.

In April 2015 TAM implemented a three-year, mid-term management plan to achieve sustainable sales and profit, raise internal earnings, and further strengthen its corporate structure. The following are the basic corporate policies under this management plan

  1. Strengthen our financial structure to achieve sustainable and steady sales revenue and profits.
  2. Strengthen major lines of business and expand business outside Japan.
  3. Advance development of new products that demonstrate competitive advantages.
  4. Enhance corporate value based on strengthening technical capabilities.
  5. Improve ability to respond to supply and demand, strengthen cost-competitiveness, and enhance product quality.
  6. Develop human talent that becomes the driving force to strengthen product proposals, product development, and technological engineering.

TAM is committed to its never-ending pursuit of being recognized as a trustworthy and reliable company that continuously strives to gain the respect, cooperation and support of all its stakeholders.

Haruo Yamamoto
President & CEO

President & CEO, Haruo Yamamoto
Haruo Yamamoto
President & CEO