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Message from the President

 We, Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works, Ltd., have been supplying various solutions to customers mainly packaging machines since the day of establishment. The foundation of our long history is based on our corporate philosophy "Customer's Trust First".

 In order to be well received from customer like being said, "TAM's machine has different level of confidence", or, "All right to leave it to TAM", I believe that keeping the attitude to tackle manufacturing unitedly by all employees with spirit of “Don’t give up and get this job done” is very important, as well as having a good technical capabilities. And this is the underlying "DNA" of our company.

 Our goal is to become a “value creating company” which constantly provides new value to society, by embodying ideas with motivation, challenging spirit, and further deepening communication. In other words, we aim to be a company who enables to create a total added value in relation to packaging and provide it to customers, by engaging jobs with customer’s perspective, and by thinking from customer’s stand point.

 The circumstances of packaging machinery industry is changing rapidly all over the world including Japan. I believe that it is a critical point how we can respond to this change flexibly, in order to let our company grow. Therefore, we try to be a lively and energetic organization with having mutual trust and two way communications.

 Also, in order to ensure a stable revenue and profit and to secure internal reserves for gaining a robust financial strength, we are working on various challenges following with 3-year medium-term plan, which has the basic policies below from April 2018.

  1. To expand domestic packaging machinery business
  2. To strengthen and develop overseas business
  3. To drive proactive proposal-based selling
  4. To strengthen and develop "line system" business
  5. To strengthen technical capabilities and improve product quality

 As we are making persistent effort to heading to a company who is trusted continuously from customers, we would like to thank you for your further understanding and support.

Haruo Yamamoto
President & CEO

President & CEO, Haruo Yamamoto
Haruo Yamamoto
President & CEO