About "tam"

"tam" Action guideline

With a strong will of “We will definitely accomplish our goals”, all of us at TAM are determined to provide our customers with the automatic production machinery and services that stay a step ahead of their expectations.

To best serve our customers:

  • We will focus on customer needs and find solutions to their problems.
  • We will offer reliable products to bring satisfaction to our customers.
  • We will provide life-cycle management services to our customers.
  • We will contribute to our customers' betterment by improving their productivity and reducing their total costs.

All members of our company:

  • Will work with pride as professionals and achieve our goals through teamwork.
  • Will strive to become self-reliant, enhance their capabilities and have the self-discipline to grow.
  • Will be respected for their individuality and the willingness to face challenges; and treated fairly, given equal opportunities to grow.
  • Will be evaluated and rewarded appropriately according to their abilities and achievements.

To best serve society:

  • We will act as a good corporate citizen and abide by rules, regulations, ethical standards and social norms.
  • We will cooperate in public projects and with charities to contribute to the development of local communities and society at large.
  • We will protect the environment and natural resources in conducting our business.

To best serve the interest of our stockholders:

  • We will operate the company with increased transparency by disclosing corporate information.
  • We will work actively and prudently to develop new products and markets, as well as make capital investments to grow our business.
  • We will maintain capital reserves to face adverse challenges.
  • We will steadily make profits and maintain appropriate dividend payments.