About "tam"


Even since TAM was founded, we constantly have been evolving by advancing with the changing times. By applying our proven technology that enhances product value, we have continued to take advantage of our long history of facing the challenge of making our customers’ products look ever more appealing.

1908 ~ 1908 Shimane Manufacturing Co., TAM's Predecessor, founded as a private enterprise in the northeast outskirts of Tokyo.
1944 Reorganized as a joint-stock company.
1949 Corporate name changed to Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works, Ltd.
1952 W2 cellophane overwrapper completed.
1956 New factory completed adjacent to the corporate headquarters.
1958 Osaka office opened.
1959 Employee stock-sharing plan introduced.
New corporate headquarters building completed.
1960 ~ 1960 Testing plant completed next to the factory.
Tobacco processing-line business spun off and incorporated as Tokyo Shisetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1963 Corporate shares listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
New factory in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture built and came on line.
1964 Employee Training Institute completed at the Kashiwa Factory premises.
1965 Kashiwa Factory expanded.
1966 License agreement for a large variety of packaging machines signed with Package Machinery Co. located in Maine, USA.
1968 Land adjacent to Kashiwa Factory purchased and second factory-expansion project at Kashiwa Factory completed.
1970 ~ 1971 P52 ⁄ W32 high-speed cigarette packaging line Completed.
1973 Manufacturing of solid-waste baling equipment started under technical agreement with Enterprise Co. located in California, USA.
1975 W42 accumulating overwrapper released.
1980 ~ 1980 Nagoya and Fukuoka offices opened.
W43 gift Overwrapper and TWX1 form-fill-sealer launched.
1981 TAM Building completed in Akihabara of Tokyo, where corporate headquarters relocated.
1982 Distributorship agreement for auger filling equipment signed with Mateer-Burt Co, Inc. of the USA.
1984 R&D Center completed adjacent to Kashiwa factory. Sapporo office opened.
1985 Line system plant completed in Tomisato, Chiba Prefecture, near Narita Airport. Distributorship agreement for various confectionery wrapping machines concluded with ROSE Verpackungmaschinen-Fabrik Theegarten GmbH & Co., Cologne, Germany.
1986 AR2000 gift wrapper developed.
Packtam Pte. Ltd. of Singapore established as a joint venture with Packagers Pte. Ltd. of Singapore. CX cartoner released.
1989 Distributorship agreement for robotic packaging equipment signed with International Packungs Systems (IPS) GmbH, Crailsheim, Germany. (In 1995, this agreement was revised to include IPS' s parent company Gerhard Schubert GmbH to form a tripartite corporate agreement.)
1990 ~ 1991 MW100 CD jewel case overwrapper released.
1992 TWR form-fill-seal machine released.
1993 MW200 mini-disk overwrapper released.
1995 ST Automatic Machinery Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia established as a joint venture with Senju Trading Co., and a local partner. W3701 high-speed overwrapping machine, W4201 accumulating ⁄ overwrapping machine, MW50 CD jewel-case overwrapper, and WEI overwrapping machine developed.
1996 VR200 robot are introduced.
ISO9001 certification accredited.
1997 TWC continuous motion VFFS machine are introduced.
1998 5-year manufacturing contract with PMB-UVA Group B.V. Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
1999 YX01 seaweed wrapping machine, ARN100 gift wrapper, TWEX VFFS machine, TWCV continuous motion VFFS machine, CF200B B-type cartoner and DVD100 DVD film wrapping machine have been developed.
2000 ~ 2001 FN1 tamper-evident fin-seal overwrapper and W62 multi-purpose film overwrapping machine developed.
BT10 high-speed tissue-box overwrapping machine (5-box compatible) overwraps 5-box stacks with polyethylene film and attaches a convenient film handle.
2002 FN2 and FN3 fin-seal overwrapping machines developed for pharmaceutical industry.
FN4 fin-seal overwrapping machine developed specifically to guard against insect invasions.
2003 NSW overwrapper specially developed for a small gift decoration paper and TWA202 stainless steel VFFS machine have been developed.
2004 DVD120 high speed DVD ⁄ BD overwrapper, TWEX VFFS machine for foaming recloseable zipper bags, FN5 overwrapper for all-purpose hermetic fin-sealed wrapping, TWE202 stainless steel VFFS machine have been developed.
2005 MTL100 cigarette filter cartoning-paper supply machine, TR8 high-speed toilet roll accumulating/overwrapping machine have been developed.
2006 ARW100 gift wrapper have been developed.
2007 TWGX VFFS machine, MTL7J cigarette filter cartoning-paper supply machine, M77J cigarette filter-rod supply machine have been developed and "Tuckcut” as a new packaging style has been introduced.
2008 MFP1 filter rod packing machine, M2010 line system, TWA203 VFFS machine, RSB25 baling machine/press-packed model have been developed.
2009 FRRJD filter rod receiver (double-unit model), ARZD1gift wrapper with improvement of usability, VR3000 corrugated cardboard box caser, VMA1 vacuum compactor (powder deaerating and filling device with sealer) have been developed.
2010 ~ 2010 ARZD2 gift wrapper with wider range of size, TWN VFFS machine with improved sealing mechanism, WB50 sleevewrapper (stretch tight bander) have been developed.
2011 WE13 film overwrapper, WB25 sleevewrapper with wide range of size, PFN auger filler, TWM multiple-lane VFFS machine, TWX300 low-end with high quality VFFS machine, HB20 hybrid type baler have been developed.
2012 Distributorship agreement signed with An Hong Co., Ltd. to strengthen sales activities in Vietnam.
In Indonesia, PT TAM Packaging Asia (TPA) was established through a joint venture with PT. Markindo,becoming TAM's first manufacturing facility in Indonesia.
2013 Developed confectionery and gift overwrapping machines (ARZD2H, ARZD4)
Developed film overwrapping machine (WE13HB)
Developed accumulating overwrap machine (W4201EV)
2014 Developed pillow-pouch vertical form-fill seal (VFFS) machines (TWMC, TWSD, TWTT)
2016 Developed confectionary & gift-box wrapping Machine (ARZZD1)
Developed pillow-pouch vertical form-fill seal (VFFS) machine (Quatro Pack TWQ)