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CSR Activities

TAM conducts various CRS activities, supporting social events and welfare activities, as well as contributing to both specific, local communities as well as to society in general. TAM is a socially responsible corporate citizen conducting activities that protect our environment and natural resources.

1. Achieving Environmental Protection

Energy-saving initiatives: One initiative includes implementing dress codes appropriate to the seasons.
Tam has employees wear light clothes in summer and warm clothes in winter.

* During breaks and lunch periods, lights and power switches are turned off.

Summer initiatives:
* Keeping the air-conditioning temperature at 28C degrees or higher.
* Dress code for men: no jackets and neckties
(Visitors are welcome to follow our dress code, with no need to wear jackets and neckties.)

Winter initiatives
* Keeping the air-conditioning temperature at 20C degrees or lower.

Eliminating Work- and Production-related Waste:
Eliminating work- and production-related waste is the most effective means to reduce environmental impact. Every employee at TAM has an individual responsibility to rethink and revise their performance to eliminate work- and production-related waste.

2. Contributing to Local Communities:

Opening the Kashiwa Plant’s premises and baseball field to the local community:
TAM is fully aware that gaining the understanding of local communities is vital to its ability to conduct business activities nearby residential communities. One way TAM strives to gain residents’ understanding and acceptance as a member of the Kashiwa community is by holding a “Summer Evening Folk Dance” every summer on the premises of its Kashiwa Plant for the local residents, enabling everyone from the local community to join TAM employees and have an enjoyable evening. Another way is by allowing local little-league teams to use the Kashiwa Plant’s playfield every Sunday.

Offering plant tours and working-experiences to local school children:
In responding to requests from schools nearby the Kashiwa Plant for plant tours and working-experiences, TAM welcomes school children to its plant for tours. During the tours, school children see machines in actual operation. In doing so, the children learn about the plant’s business and gain an understanding about the role of packaging.
In addition, TAM believes that when the children observe the machines actually operating and the production lines performing their specific processes, the children can see for themselves that work can be fun.
Furthermore, inviting high-school and university students to visit the plant exposes them to the real business world, and helps them think about finding jobs and deciding their future work.
Recently, as a part of their school field trips to the Kashiwa Plant, elementary school children watch the machining process of machine parts. Afterwards, they observe workers measuring the machined parts to check for defects. Many of the students who visited the plant were very happy, commenting, "It was a very fulfilling and worthwhile experience"
TAM firmly believes that one of the important responsibilities of corporations is to gain the understanding of the local communities where they operate production plants. In this respect, TAM is committed to return to these communities the various advances brought forth by technology that TAM has fostered over many years.
As a corporation creating an environment that promotes the well-being and upbringing of children, TAM and its Kashiwa Plant bring together families, schools, and the community. TAM is registered as a corporation in the "Chiba Families, Schools, and Communities Support Program", being highlighted in the Chiba Prefecture's website. For further details, please visit the Chiba Prefecture website.

Participating in the Crane Operating Skills Training Program:
Employees at the Kashiwa Plant are raising their skills in order to obtain crane-operating certification, which is sponsored by the Kashiwa Labor Standards Association. TAM employees who have obtained crane-operating certification are certified to instruct employees from other companies on how to operate cranes. The Kashiwa Plant offers its premises, facilities, and cranes for use in teaching crane-operating procedures.

  • Little Leaguers at Play

    Little Leaguers at Play

  • Children learning by hands-on factory work

    Children learning by hands-on factory work

  • Children learning by hands-on factory work

    Children learning by hands-on factory work

3. Supporting Employees

Self-improvement Program:
TAM offers self-motivated employees the opportunity to raise their skills by creating a corporate environment that encourages self-development, learning, and growth under the "self-improvement program."
TAM offers a variety of programs such as courses on production development, management, foreign languages, law, compliance, etc.; as well as certification courses. All these courses enable employees to raise their skill sets, develop their self-reliance, and lead more rewarding lives.

Creating a Dynamic Workplace:
As a corporation, TAM encourages employees to lead lives that achieve a good balance between work and home, by offering a dynamic workplace.
Our employees appreciate our various employee-oriented policies such as our maternity-leave and flex-time policies. In 2007, TAM was awarded the "Employee & Family Oriented Good Corporation Award" from the Kashiwa Gender-Equality Promotion Office. In addition, Tam is actively hiring employees who have physical challenges to carry out certain jobs, enabling these employees to further develop their skills and capabilities by creating jobs that match their skills.
The Kashiwa Plant is a model for hiring physically challenged employees to work side-by-side all the other employees. The Kashiwa Plant was certified as a "Friendly Office Full of Smiles" by Chiba Prefecture.