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70th anniversary

70th anniversary Challenge2019. Advancing Product Creation to Achieve Value Creation

TAM will celebrate its 70th year of business in June 2019. In line with this celebration,
TAM created a 70-year logo and corporate slogan.


Theme: Challenge
We have set our 70th year as a new start for TAM under the aim of encouraging everyone to tackle new challenges. To achieve this, we designated our logo as the inspiration for their motivation and will to strive. We made the background color of the logo a multi-colored hue, which is a colorful mix fusing the various background colors of each employee’s individuality. It represents everyone's commitment to the strength of the entire TAM team.


"Advancing Product Creation to Achieve Value Creation"
The technical foundation and expertise TAM has developed over the years are the bases of our slogan, which declares our determination to continually create and deliver new value for our customers. This means that we are committed to the challenge of creating and delivering value that until now has never existed. We look forward to and appreciate everyone's support going forward in this regard.